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Waterworks | Monopoly GO! Card

Object – Epic Card details: This building lowers the rent its owner has to pay for as long as it stays on the board. Beware: It is removed when a token runs into it!...


Air Vent | Monopoly GO! Card

Object – Rare Card details: A strong stream of air will not only push up your skirt but your entire token! Great to evade rent. Unlocked at city 2. 10


Treadmill | Monopoly GO! Card

Object – Common Card details: Place a treadmill to slow down tokens moving ofer it. Make your competition work twice as hard to get half as far. Unlocked at city 2. 00


Community Chest | Monopoly GO! Card

Object – Common Card details: A box full of coins that you can just pick up when it is ready. It really is great to be rich! Unlocked at city 1. 10

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Jump | Monopoly GO! Card

Action – Common Card details: With a graceful dancer’s leap, you will Jump ahead a short distance. This Action will also get you out of Jail. Unlocked at city 1. 10


Plumber | Monopoly GO! Card

Crew – Common Card details: Hire the Plumber to tamper with the water lines on your opponent’s properties. This means you pay less rent on them! Unlocked at city 1. 10

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